Morgan + Amanda Engagement - Riverview, Florida

June 1st, 2021

Morgan and Amanda are two people who never would have met if it weren’t for Amanda’s meddling big sister who set them up on a “come over to my house, Morgan is here” meeting. (But can you really be meddling, if it’s your little sisters dating life? Seems like more of a big sister right!)


Luckily from that meeting and may dates later, Morgan and Amanda fell in love, and they’ve decided to make it official.


AND JUST LIKE THAT, Amanda +2 became Amanda +3!


Ok ok, the +2 are fur-babies BUT THEY COUNT! In my neck of the woods, if the dogs don’t like you, WE don’t like you. But the dogs must’ve fallen in love with Morgan too because (Spoiler alert?) he put a ring on it! 💍

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