Isabelle - Portrait Session- Hotel Haya- Ybor City, Florida

September 11, 2021

I Love those shoots that turn into therapy sessions. The ones that bring strangers together through a common bond. That’s what this shoot was. We grabbed a drink at the lobby bar of the beautiful Hotel Haya in Historic Ybor City. Unbeknownst to Izzy, I’ve frequented this place not just for past shoots, but as my brunch hangover spot since the day it opened in September 2020. Those of us who are native’s to Tampa (and Ybor) can explain much about the name, and history of the building. We explored the building, took in the art, sat down at the pool where we greeted the guests and toasted to Izzy’s new lease on life.

It started to rain, as it often does around this time of year. Locals can count on off-and-on rain between 2 & 6 between July & October in this part of Florida. So we hid in my car and had a little talk-therapy before finally finishing our shoot on some railroad tracks close by, and yes, that is a gasoline can in that picture. I think you’re picking up what she’s putting down…

It’s connections like these, shoots like this, time spent getting to know my clients that change my outlook on life. Sometimes you really are the best part of someone’s day and if we aim to be that every day, how could we put any bad out into the world?

So proud of you Izzy! You’re going to conquer the world! 🔥

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