Morgan + Amanda's - Maternity Session - Tampa, Florida

October 30, 2022

Morgan and Amanda are pregnant! 👶

If you’ve been following M+A’s story YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! (Unless you’ve already scrolled to the bottom and you’re picking up what I’m putting down.)

M+A are not showy people. They work hard, share a love and talent for music, but they don’t play hard. Amanda owns/runs a school for the Arts in Tampa, and Morgan work in finance in South Tampa. Both jobs requiring a ton of brain power to get through the day. They aren’t the kind people who plan for photos, and don’t really take many except at family functions with big groups. So when Amanda, full of hormones, remembered Maternity picture are a thing she immediately reached out. Honestly, I love that. There are so many Amanda’s in this world who forget to do the small stuff to document life ether by themselves or with their partners. We just have to remind those people in our lives to document the milestones.

Obviously, I was totally onboard and made myself available as soon as they would be available. After some styling advice, Amanda found a great flowy dress that went with the season: late fall/Christmas! And they decided to go the forrest route for her maternity shoot, which is much more on brand for M+A than the beach: it’s moody AND whimsical.

We found the perfect spot in Tampa to meet at one Sunday evening and although I had gone through a ton of to get a permit to shoot at this county park, the park ranger met me in the parking lot advising we had 25 minutes til the park closed and that we needed to be back in our cars within that time. Parks are open from sun-up to Sun-down and it completely slipped my mind that daylight savings time had ended when suggesting a time to them. Luckily, I’ve worked with these two love birds before, and they’re experts as posing now so we got in the park, and 21 minutes later we were done!

There was an open field a little further down the street that I asked them to meet me at so we could get an “on the road” “sunset” shot, and I KID YOU NOT, as we pulled into the parking spots a pair of sandhill cranes showed up and stuck around for the 3 or 4 more shots we planned.

I couldn’t believe it! I know I’m probably the only one who keeps putting emphasis on the cranes but as Gibbs says on NCIS “there are no coincidences!” ❤️

We can’t wait to meet the little Prince!

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